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Sweet Bliss
Immersed in the true center of an evolving story, is where the emerging characters respond to unfolding events. This is the space where the Writer understands the base elements of personalities, conflicts, responses and resolutions that become the original story compelling itself to be told. This is where the Writer discovers the story's authentic voice. This is the first moment the sweet bliss of any film begins - its inception.

Sweet Bliss Productions
It is our desire to stay as true to the authentic voice of the story as is practical in a film production format. We do this by working with the Writer(s) during the Development phase to deliver the story through the vetting process for authentic expression, layered impact, Talent draw and commercial viability.

We believe this beginning phase of agreement with the original story sets the foundational tone on which the Production Team creates its layers of visual dimensionality for the ultimate Audience enjoyment with - of course - Sweet Bliss!




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