"A prolific Writer of interesting stories,
it was a challenge to decide which of Benjamin's screenplays to begin with!"
Ruth Evelyn, Producer

Benjamin Allen, Writer
Author of Out of the Ashes, Benjamin Allen has written several screenplays and their manuscripts. A thoughtful man with a lifelong passion for helping others Benjamin began his adult life in ministry. When his Wife and Children contracted HIV through blood transfusions, their lives of community shifted into secrecy as the social fears of the 1980's turned against them. With his world turned upside down in the aftermath of devastating loss, Benjamin's inner journey birthed a new life of helping others through grief and writing potent stories that touch our hearts and heal the soul.

A Blade of Grass, the story of 17-year old Josh Cicata and his world of visions, voices and confused realities, takes us through a journey of the fine line between mysticism, insanity and the social labels of mental illness.

"My hope is that this story can highlight the destructiveness of
the societal lines of exclusion and “other” while honoring the uniqueness in each of us."
Benjamin Allen 


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