"I love working with actors because I love painting with souls as well as with light."
Eli Hershko, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer

Eli Hershko, Director
Award-Winning Director of Fairytale (2019), The Closer (2015) and Carl[a] (2012) feature films, Eli Hershko has joined A Blade of Grass production as its Director.

Eli’s innovation as a Filmmaker is apparent in the multiple wins his work has received across the Globe. Originally from Israel, Hershko graduated from Haifa School of the Arts before joining the army, where he served as a photographer, and later, as a teacher of photography. He studied at WIZO Art College in Haifa and is a graduate of the New York Film Academy Digital Film Program. In addition to filmmaking pursuits, Eli worked as a professional photographer, shooting album and magazine covers for Artists such as Biggie Smalls, Bjork, Public Enemy, OPP, Space Hog, The Backstreet Boys, Cake, Garbage and Tony Bennett.


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