Five people joined in three lifetimes of Murder, Deceit, Betrayal and Ruin,
return once again in present day to unwravel the spin they've each begun.

In Development
Gary Goldstein, Producer/Director (Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecy), calls Tangled Webs "a very intriguing project with distinctive elements. It boasts a fresh story structure and offers different levels of understanding and thus appreciation and enjoyment."

“I absolutely love Tangled Webs screenplay! I was so drawn into the different stories and the way events are intertwined through the different lifetimes, but without being blatant or predictable. It makes me wonder…how much more there is going on in the universe” Emma Barrett, Actress.


  • Feature Film
  • Suspense Thriller
  • Tangled Webs © PAu003833701
  • Producers: Ruth Evelyn and Robert Perry
  • Writers: Ruth Evelyn and Robert Perry
  • Original Screenplay/Story: Ruth Evelyn

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