The Writers...and Producers
Based on a story unfolding through several dreams, meditations and extrasensory visions over three years, Ruth Evelyn orignally wrote Tangled Webs as a linear view in a timeline spanning four centuries. Meeting Robert Perry, Director of Digital Filmmaking, while pursuing her business degree at L.A. Film School, Ruth and Robert worked together on The Signature screenplay before tackling the rewrite of Tangled Webs.

Now in full partnership with this story, Ruth and Robert re-wove the original story interchanging past life experiences of Tangled Webs' Characters with present day revelations like strung together pearl drops on a never-ending web of time, memory and the balance of justice.

Utilizing Ruth's business and Robert's production backgrounds, Ruth Evelyn and Robert Perry are co-producing the feature film with plans for future sequels.


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