Our Services
Sweet Bliss Productions is a boutique company specializing in authentic story-telling voiced through film. We work with the original Writer to polish their story into the product that meets (and, often stretches) the parameters of current movie trends that provide Audience Enjoyment, as well as Investor Return.

  • Script Doctor (see Writing Team)
  • Development Funding Process includes:
    • Budget and Schooting Schedule Preparation
    • Legal Engagement, Production Company Setup
    • Director, Production Talent and Wish List
    • Business Plan (incl Distribution and Marketing)
    • Pitch Deck, Development Funding,
  • Production Funding includes:
    • Hire Above the Line and Financial Talent
    • Hire Casting Director, Finalize Cast Commitments
    • Location Search(es)/Commitments
    • Investment Commitments (Investors, Distribution, Marketing)
    • Legal and Financial Completion ready for Pre-Production
  • Film Production includes:
    • Pre-Production through Post-Production
    • Bond Company Compliance
    • Deliveries to Distributor(s)
  • Script Doctor and Development Funding are fee based services with payment options.
    • The Script Doctor fee is refunded when Development is fully funded.
    • The Development Funding fee is refunded at First Draw of Pre-Production funding, along with the Purchase of the Script.
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