Note to Writers
As a passionate intuitive Writer, Ruth Evelyn knows the emotional challenge a Writer encounters when others edit their original story. As a Development Executive and Producer, she also understands the 'why' a story is 'changed' during the various phases from inception through production to its audience release.

When the original Story-Teller recognizes each collaborative input is the process of adding dimensional layers that bring the story to its visual life, then they can accept the letting go process is truly the matter of setting aside minor aspects of the story to make room for expansion of impact your story's messages convey.

Know your story's deeper messages that are important to the depth of your beingness. The stronger you convey those messages, whether verbal or in the screenplay, the better we are able to stay true to the story while producing a project that is a true contender for audience enjoyment.

The bottom line is, however, - to bring your story through development and production into visual art for audience viewing, your screenplay will not be invested in, or produced at the professional level, until it is transformed into a commercially viable product and seen as a working document for those who bring the film through its various phases.

We value the original Voice of a Story. Whether we are working with an original screenplay or adaptation from a book, Sweet Bliss Productions merges creativity with commercial profit to create an end result that is well received.

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