Sensory Perceptions . Technical Constructs . Feminine and Masculine
Balanced Foundational Tone in Every Story and Project

Ruth Evelyn and Robert Perry
Combining Business and Production with escalating Creativity strengthens the teamwork of Ruth Evelyn and Robert Perry. Both, with their different perspectives, work together toward one common goal - bringing out the dimensional fabric of every story to layer in depth, continuity and structure that supports the foundational tone of the story's original voice.

Whether working with an original idea, collaborating on the rewrite of an existing script or editing a Client's screenplay as its Script Doctors, Ruth and Robert combine their screenwriting, business, production and mentoring experiences with intuitive/gut instincts to uplift the project into its template the Production Team uses to create its visual masterpiece - The Movie.

  • Story/Screenplay Collaboration
  • Script Doctor Services
  • Writing Mentors

  • Project Development/Services
  • Producers: Inception to Release
Ruth Evelyn Robert Perry
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